Shanghai Qin Dian machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a collection of research and development, design, manufacture, sales and maintenance in one of the independent legal person qualification of the modern enterprise, it is located in nanxiang high-tech industrial park, a beautiful natural environment and advanced hardware and software facilities, the comprehensive management class. The company mainly produces products for: packing machinery, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and we undertake all kinds of non-standard equipment and production line design and manufacturing ……
Packaging machinery exhibition hall
Vertical packaging machine series
Tea packaging machine series Granular packing machine series
Powder packaging machine series Liquid packaging machine series
Big dose combination says packaging machine series
Bag-given type packaging machine series
Produce pillow packaging machine (walking on paper) Produce pillow packaging machine (next go paper)
Reciprocating packaging machine The candy packing machine
Filling sealing machine series Transparent film 3 d packaging machine series
Heat shrinkable packaging machine series Fully automatic packaging production line
We undertake all kinds of non-standard packaging equipment
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